Meet the Author Who Will Inspire You With Her Memoir

lin gentry was born and raised in Oakland, California as part of the Boomer generation. She lived through the 1960s and 1970s, which is a tumultuous and fast-changing period in American history.

Her Childhood Years

lin spent her childhood years struggling with the gender expectations put upon suburban little girls. She found herself in the vanguard of an emerging culture, which confronted and challenged traditional values and customs.

lin chose to navigate a time of massive societal change through rebellion against and rejection of boundary limitations while embracing alternative cultural ways.

lin was on the front lines of this American cultural revolution which continues to influence even today’s attitudes, mores and ways of being.


An Honest Recollection of lin’s Struggles and Successes

In this fast-paced, daring and convention-defying account of her first thirty-five years, lin reveals her personal struggles, confrontations, successes and failures in the midst of this cultural upheaval.

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